Q: What is functional medicine?
Functional medicine determines how and why illnesses occur and restores health by addressing the root cause of diseases. It assesses the effect of genetic, lifestyle factors and environmental triggers on our long-term chronic health issues.
Q: What myonlinedoctor.asia can do for you?
Q: How long does it take to get health restoration?
Q: What is the best way to schedule an appointment?
You may email us directly to contact@myonlinedoctor.asia
Q: Why do you need to speak to the health coach prior to making a medical consultation?
Q: How many lab works is required per person?
Q: How long does it takes to get the lab work results?
Q: If you have previous lab works from 6 months ago, can you make a new patient consultation with the doctor?
Q: What type of basic lab works that are required?
Q: How long are the consultations?
Q: Do you integrate mental health support or body work in health restoration?
Q: What are the fees for consultation?
It varies from type of consultation and duration. You may request directly to us at
Q: Does my new patient consultation fee include follow-up, test kits and supplements?
Q: What type of payment does myonlinedoctor.asia accept?
Q: Do you provide invoice?
Q: Why does bio-identical hormones used in hormone balance?
The bio-identical hormones have exact biochemical structure with our own hormones. Hence, it is easily acceptable by the body.
Q: How long are the programs that myonlinedoctor.asia recommends?
Q: How often should I retest?
Q: What is the fastest way to re-order supplements/ test kit?
You may directly email us at contact@myonlinedoctor.asia
Q: What is the shipping method used for test kits/ supplements/ medications?
Q: Return goods policy
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